Lake Tansi golf course recently sent this memo out in regards to their actions in regards to COVID-19:

Many of our customers have inquired as to how the COVID-19 Virus is affecting the Lake Tansi Golf operation. We are currently open for business; however we are making some changes to help keep our employees and customers in good health.

First of all in recognition of social distancing, you will temporarily not need to have two players to a cart. Each player may have an individual cart.

Our golf course is very walkable and this option is always available as well.

Temporarily, ball washers will be removed from the course. We will not be setting up our cup, water & ice station and igloo water coolers will not be set up for use on the golf course. It will be a good idea to bring your ice water in a container from home.        

Sanitation: In addition to washing off our carts we are also using Clorox wipes to wipe down the steering wheels & pencils before sending the carts out for play.

In the Golf Shop we are wiping down pens, countertops, phones, calculators, keypads, handles and faucets. When it’s not too cold we are also propping open doors to avoid using the handles.

Our sinks are stocked with hand soap and hand sanitizer is available for use at the golf shop counter.          

Precautions: We are asking our employees and customers to please check their temperatures before coming out to work or golf.

If your temperature is elevated or if you are experiencing symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus please be respectful of the health of others, stay home, get better and follow the CDC Guidelines for America.       

When coming out to play please show respect for the health of your fellow golfers and our employees.

Minimize touching the flagstick, also take advantage of the open space golf provides and avoid standing too close to your fellow golfers.

When returning your golf cart please remove your scorecard, food wrappers, beverage containers and cigarette butts so that our employees do not have to handle these items.

Thank you for your consideration. 

Wishing all of you good health, 

  -Gavin Darbyshire

PGA Head Golf Professional