Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster honored the Stone Memorial Lady Panthers recently for their accomplishments. The mayor posted the following online yesterday:
"WHEREAS, the 2019-2020 Stone Memorial High School Lady Panthers Basketball team had an incredible 30-4 overall record; and
WHEREAS, the SMHS Lady Panthers are the first team from Cumberland County to ever reach the Girls AAA State Basketball Tournament; and
WHEREAS, Cumberland County would like to recognize the 2019-2020 SMHS Lady Panther Basketball team members Kenry Malone, Skylar Dishman, Kylie Houston, Abbey Weaver, Maggie Hazelton, Katie Adkisson, Kimberlyn Cash, Mattie Buck, Keaton Freitag, Chloe Roark, Tina Tung, Tessa Miller, Annah Goss, Emma Capps and Emilly Hazelton.  Along with their Head Coach Mike Buck and Assistant Coaches Brad Sherrill and Christa McTurnal.  As well as their support staff Katie Coudriet, Mollie Strong and Brooklynn Buck for their accomplishments this season and for their hard work, dedication, and perseverance; and 
WHEREAS, the SMHS Lady Panthers defeated Blackman High School in overtime in the Sub-State to make it to the State Quarterfinals; and
WHEREAS, the SMHS Lady Panthers defeated Science Hill High School in the State Quarterfinals to make it to the State Final Four; and
WHEREAS, the State Championship Tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the team was unable to finish their run at the championship; 
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster, in recognition of the SMHS Lady Panthers’ accomplishments would like to celebrate and honor this team by declaring May 11, 2020 Stone Memorial High School Lady Panther Basketball Day!!"