The Cumberland County High School Jet soccer team defeated the DeKalb County Tigers 7-2 Tuesday night.

Taylor Ports scoried twice with an assist, Patrick Weaver had three goals with four assists. Elliott Perdomo scored one with one assist and Alex Garrison scored once.

DeKalb County was a very improved team from last year.

The first half was a series of mood swings.

Dekalb County came on strong at the beginning with good ball control and a very slick forward that finally broke loose and scored.

CCHS rallied back with Taylor Ports driving one home assisted by Patrick Weaver. Paul Vickers, along with Alex Garrison, had numerous shots on goal but was not able to convert, with the half tied at 1-1.

Coach John Sherrill made some changes bringing our goalie out to sweeper and putting Patrick Weaver up front where he usually hangs out. This was the answer.

Elliott Perdomo made a beautiful pass to Patrick Weaver to score. Not long after Patrick Weaver blew by three defenders and scored again, the whole mood changed.

Cumberland County's forwards, as well as the midfield, starting working together with our defense holding strong.

The Jets travel to Cleveland in a District 5AAA contest Friday at 5 p.m., and will host Bradley Central Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

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