The 2011 Johnny Majors Invitational Tournament at Lake Tansi on Sunday, July 10, featured 34 teams, but the highlight of the event was an appearance on Saturday night by former University of Pittsburgh and Dallas Cowboy running back Tony Dorsett.

"Coach Majors was one of the best coaches I've ever known. Under him, I was a four time All-American, became a national champion and won a Heisman Trophy," said the former Cowboy hall of famer.

"Tony was one of the greatest running backs I've ever been around. He is a great person and a wonderful man," said the former Vol and Panther coach on Saturday at the annual fish fry.

Dorsett was the only player to win the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, win a Super Bowl and be inducted into both the College Football Hall of Fame and Professional Football Hall of Fame.

"I am honored to be here. Coach Majors is been very generous to me for my charity. I commend all of you for being here to be part of his charity," said Dorsett.

Dorsett went to 13 training camps in his career.

He always "did the little things which helped make the bigger things happen," because "I gave it all for Coach Majors. I went to Pittsburgh as a young boy and came out as a young man," according to Dorsett.

"I'm still a momma's boy. I'm not ashamed of that," the former Heisman Trophy winner said. "I didn't want to go far from home. Hard work is the key to success. Things have changed, but the basics haven't changed," he said. "If we acted like young men, he would treat you like men."

The 34 teams were divided into four flights based on handicaps.

Steve Hill, Bill Hickey, Mark Hickey and Bob Roseberry won the first flight with a low net score of 15-under-par 57, while Scott Cone, Chris Cone, Craig McElhaney and Julian May won second place in a scorecard playoff with Jack Warner, Stan Lindsey, Bob Baldwin and Hank Miller. Both had 13-under par 59s.

A scorecard playoff determined the second flight.

Len Belote, Earl Anderson, David Woodall and Bill Whitesell defeated Hoss Wyatt, Virgil Ferguson, Jerry Crabtree and Max Swafford for the flight championship. Both shot a low net score of 11-under-par 61.

Brandon Ward, Jeff Henry, Roger Haines and Paul Woody won the third flight with an 11-under-par 61, with second place going to Jim Cone, Mike Cone, Mark Davis and Lou Heller with a 64.

Jay Searcy, Gene Pharr, Mike Brantley and Don Pharr won the fourth flight with a 63, with Glenn Streno, David Douglas, Lee North and John Warren were second with a 64.

First flight

57: Steve Hill, Bill Hickey, Mark Hickey, Bob Roseberry (0)

59: Scott Cone, Chris Cone, Craig McElhaney, Julian May (0)

59: Jim Smelcher, Dewey Warren, Phil Hatcher, Jake Albright (0)

59: Jack Warner, Stan Lindsey, Bob Baldwin, Hank Miller (2)

61: Terry Henry, John McKenry, John Cook, John Cook (0)

61: David Bell, Bob Nicols, Solomon Kafoure, Jason Holwerda (0)

63: Rick Jackson, Craig Denison, Chris Mullins, Pass Kerns (2)

65: Bob Simmons, Frank Livesay, Rex Raines, Sid Stanley (2)

65: Tom Looney, Tom K. Looney, Scott Looney, Gen. George Edwards (2)

Second flight

61: Len Belote, Earl Anderson, David Woodall, Bill Whitesell (0)

61: Hoss Wyatt, Virgil Ferguson, Jerry Crabtree, Max Swafford (1)

62: Brent Watson, Al Kykendall, Earnie Brown, Bill Miller (0)

63: Bobby Sandlin, Buddy Park, Mike Stratton, Mike Malarky (1)

63: Tom Priest, Larry Maxwell, Tom Solberg, Derek Brooks (1)

6:3 Terry Hall, Scott Headrick, Tim Lennon, Brad McConnell (1)

64: Robb Seahorn, Gary Barnes, Mitch Davis , Aaron Goodman (1)

64: Gary Lively, Tersa Lively, Ty Perry, Tim Jones (1)

65: Roger Thackston, Perry Turner, Pat Kirby, Conley Dykes (1)

Third flight

61: Brandon Ward, Jeff Henry, Roger Haines, Paul Woody (2)

64: Jim Cone, Mike Cone, Mark Davis, Lou Heller (1)

66: Steve Cone, Danny Wendell, Bill Rudder, Chad Staples (1)

66: Dick Duncan, Larry Smith, David Stone, Chris Herrin (0)

67: Bill Tendell, David Watson, Kyle Swaggerty, Mitchell Moore (1)

68: Bill Majors, Chris Bishop, Whit Shofner, Harrison Boyd (0)

68: Tom Mink, Parker Mink, Bradley Beavers, Kenny Beavers (0)

68: Mike Gunn, Bob Lawson, John Kirk, Robert Martin (1)

72: Joe Walker, Todd Wilson, Jamie Lankford, Allen Bell (0)

Fourth flight

63: Jay Searcy, Gene Pharr, Mike Brantley, Don Pharr (5)

64: Glenn Streno, David Douglas, Lee North, John Warren (0)

66: Bill Williams, Dan Brown, Jim Williams, Bob Hash (0)

67: John Lyell, Bob Boles, Jerry Cooper, Charles Curtiss (1)

70: Gary Blackburn, Melissa Blackburn, Marty Duke, Greg Knott (6)

70: Phillip Mattingly, Phillip Mattingly Jr., John Hoover, Joe Renke (7)

73: Brandon Harrell, Casey Casswell, Matt Starr, Brad Dillon (1)

All scores are net scores. Numbers in parenthesis denote team handicap.

Closest to the hole winners were Matt Starr, No. 3; Sid Stanley, No. 6; David Bell, No. 12; and Harrison Boyd, No.15.

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