The CCHS Jet Wrestling team has been busy building a name for itself in the recent weeks.

Most recently, the Jets traveled to St. Andrews-Sewanee and battled 16 teams from around the state, where they were able to bring home a second-place tournament win. This was the second time this season that the Jets were able to bring home a second-place finish in a tournament. The first time was at the McMinn County Duals on Dec. 7, 2013.

The season has continued to have its ups and downs. Three of the most disappointing loses that the Jets had this year actually ended up as a draw when the match was complete and the criteria for tie breakers was brought in. In wrestling, there are 16 criteria used to decide a draw. The Jets twice had to go to the 10th criteria to settle a match and once to the fourth.

“In all my years of wrestling I have never seen the criteria go that far and to happen to one team twice is absolutely insane,” said Coach Wes McNeely.

The Jets have been shorthanded ever since the season started, having to forfeit several weight classes, but they still manage to remain competitive in every match they have been in.

As the Jets rebuild the program, many of the coaches who face the Jets have all said that its incredible how much better they are, and the program is getting strong and will be a major player in the years to come.

“Our success comes from the long hours these kids put in every day to be the best at what they have chosen to do,” stated Mac, “I wish I would have been able to have had some of these kids since they entered high school, but that’s the way it works sometimes.”

As the season winds down, the Jets will get ready to head to the Region 3 Individual Tournament on Feb. 8 in Sevier County and with nine weight classes represented, the Jets are hoping to take all of them to Williamson County for the state tournament.

“We have some young kids in some rough spots so it will be a huge challenge to get them into the tournament, realistically I’m looking at 6 to qualify for state.” says Coach Mac.

Also getting ready for the state tournament will be the Lady Jets wrestling team. Still in its early stages, with only three girls, there is high hopes that all of them will make the cut this weekend at the girls regional qualifier being held at Happy Valley High School.   

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