For once it is the other team that looks at this game as a way to somehow salvage what has been a miserable season.

Yes, the orange men from Knoxville will be traveling west in hopes of an upset bid at Vanderbilt. It doesn’t happen often does it?

However this game turns out I have had a better year than my counterpart Frank Gale who is now looking forward to what promises to be a great basketball year for the Volunteers.

The Vanderbilt versus Kentucky game was very entertaining, especially the way that it ended. I was so afraid that, in typical Vandy fashion, the Commodores would let this big one get away but outstanding defensive back and receiver D.J. Moore would have none of that as he intercepted his second Kentucky pass of the evening to close the door. What a game he had!

I understand that there are to be some football coaching changes at Stone Memorial High School.

Head coach Marty Davis and assistants Eddie Raper and Joe Goss have resigned their coaching duties there. These fine people knew the challenges they were facing when they assumed this undertaking and they handled their duties in a very admirable fashion. Competing in what is arguably the best region in the state is tough enough even for veteran programs and that task is even harder with a start-up program.

They were able to motivate their young athletes to get up for each game and were always able to find the positives about every contest.

I spoke with Coach Davis and he said, “Jim, I have truly enjoyed my association with a great bunch of kids that worked very hard each and every week. They knew they had an uphill battle to fight each game and they played their hearts out.”

He added, “I truly appreciate the opportunity that I was afforded to coach here. Dr. Brooker and everyone at Stone have been very supportive and I thank them for that.”

Personally I want to thank Marty, Joe and Eddie for being so helpful and cooperative with me as I covered the games.Their doors were always open and all phone calls were returned. I’m going to miss them and I wish them well in their other endeavors.

Folks, all of you have a great week and you zillions of UT fans cheer hard this weekend. I assure you that I will be yelling just as loud for the black and gold and when Sunday morning arrives, I will be wearing my smile regardless of the outcome. You all do the same.


Jim Butler is a Chronicle contributor, and his column appears each Friday.