That’s exactly what the loss to Mississippi State amounted to for the Vanderbilt Commodores. All of us real fans were aware that the Bulldogs had a very good defense that played Auburn and LSU down to the wire.

This is another week and we must now take on another bunch of Bulldogs. These hail from Georgia and we must meet them on their own turf.

Here’s a little known fact for you rabid football fans. Vanderbilt was declared national champion in 1906 when they outscored their opponents by a 278-16 margin. They also had another good year in 1911 when they outpointed their foes by 258-9.

Regretfully, I must state that they did suffer one loss each year and they were both to Michigan. Man, that was hard to say, but in my usual fair and unbiased way I tell it like it is.

Speaking of Michigan, “Holy Toledo.”

What’s up with a loss to a team that came calling with a 1-4 record and handed the Wolverines and new (expensive) coach Rich Rodriguez a loss? Where is Lloyd Carr when you need him?

It looks like Philip Fulmer’s head is on the chopping block if he doesn’t win out. Tennessee fans just won’t deal with very many losses and go their merry way. It is just a game and we all want to win but there are many more important things. The effort is just as important as the outcome.

I’ll be so glad when Manny Ramirez is sent packing by the Philadelphia Phillies. He was so brave in challenging the Philadelphia squad on Monday evening. That’s easy to do when there are approximately 30 people standing between the parties. He’s such a bad man.

It looks like the silver slipper has fallen from Adam Jones’ foot. He was a good little boy for as long as he could stand it. Thank goodness that the NFL commissioner has more guts and higher ethical standards than Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones.

The club owner just brushed this most recent incident off as if it never happened. The Cowboy defensive back just can’t stand prosperity and with leadership like his team owner shows that’s understandable.

Both the local high schools came so close to victory this past week, but victory just eluded them both. Again, this is another week and we must lace them up and try again. Good luck to both teams.

There’s lots of good sports watching available this weekend including another Vandy game. That will make six times this year, a record I’m sure. You can catch Tennessee and Mississippi State on pay per view. Even professional baseball is exciting this time of year.

Have a great week of hand shaking and back slapping. Maybe we can all win.

Go Panthers! Go Jets! Go USA!

Jim Butler is a Chronicle contributor, and his column appears weekly.