Though the Vanderbilt Commodores are still sporting a somewhat better record than the eastern team in Knoxville, they have somehow managed to follow up five consecutive wins with three losses in a row. The last one is the one that hurt most because they just weren’t supposed to lose to Duke.

But, you know what, I’m over it and looking forward to the next challenge, even though it comes in the form of an attack by the terribly ugly reptiles from the south.

There will be a war in the Butler household, as my son is a true blue Gator fan and when Vandy trounces Urban Meyer’s squad I will have to spend a lot of time consoling, much the same as Mrs. Gale has to do with Frank. By the way, the Terrapins won, so maybe that will apply some balm to the wounds.

I reread Mr. Gale’s column following the huge Volunteer win over Mississippi State and he used such glorious adjectives as "brighter" and "bluer." These terms were, of course, referring to the sun and sky. I look forward to seeking out his very articulate and descriptive words after last Saturday’s all tricks and no treats act brought to Knoxville by Nick Saban and his hungry herd of elephants. The natives are now more restless than ever and are really clamoring for Fulmer’s head.

It probably won’t be any easier for Coach Phil Fulmer this weekend as the "fighting roosters" will be laying in wait. Steve Spurrier’s team is highly unpredictable, and if they get started on the right track, it could get ugly.

Mack Brown’s Texas Longhorns continue to prove that they are deserving of the number one ranking as they knocked off another quality opponent. They now have the honor of facing another one in the form of offensive minded Texas Tech. Colt is apparently the "real McCoy." I wonder if that’s been said before?

Is Michigan’s season over or do they still get to play "the" Ohio State University?

Congratulations to the Lady Panther volleyball team as they made it to the state tournament. Mary Krueger was named MVP at the region tournament. Kelli Keck and Brittany Eller also made the all tournament team.

The cross country teams from both CCHS and Stone performed well in region outings and they, too, deserve plaudits.

There are two things that each of us need to do in the next week — maintain a constant smile and get out and vote. That right is one of the most important that we have and we need to use it.

Have a great week!

Go Panthers!!!  Go Jets!!!  Go USA!!!!

Jim Butler is a Chronicle contributor, and his column appears weekly.

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