It is understandable that the financially comfortable and the very wealthy donate great sums to political candidates who will vote to cut their taxes, once elected! That is why they vote Republican! Very few rich folks care about “lower class” families, about their financial struggles even if they have jobs. Ordinary families are the major source of income for the wealthy, but the wealthy don’t consider them their responsibility. Most of the rich resent involuntarily paying to help support working families.  

But, why do those who will never be rich also vote Republican? They will never see better incomes “trickle down” by the same way as rich folks.

It is wrong when elected public officials fail to improve the lives of citizens they swore on a Bible to represent “to the best of their ability”! Those who received huge campaign funds have shown, over the last five years, that they are "repaying" the wealthy. They have refused to vote (constant filibusters) for anything that the president and Democrats in Congress offered to help the middle class and the poor! The 2010 Jobs Bill still has not been voted on. Who does this to workers they swore to help?

Some of the extreme wealthy become candidates to control the government. While wealth should not disqualify a candidate, since a few may run for office simply for prestige. Most, however, want to see that no one raises their taxes, or the taxes of their rich friends.

Tennessee Governor Haslam’s family worth is said to be a billion dollars! Bob Corker’s net worth is listed as $201.1 million; Lamar Alexander’s at $10.2 million… (Google "Net Worth”) as of 2011. Diane Black’s wealth is listed between $50 and $69.6 million as of 2012. The wealthiest man in Tennessee is Tom Frist (father of Bill Frist), who is worth $5 billion!

Why would anyone expect these folks to voluntarily care about the working class and the poor? Their money is why they vote Republican, are Republican and explains why the unionized Volkswagen Company in Chattanooga was prevented from paying union wages after Governor Haslam, Bob Corker and others interfered with the labor vote a few months ago.

Who does this to the everyday workers they swore to represent “to the best of their ability”?

Congressional representatives receive almost $200,000 a year (plus enormous benefits) for working part time! And yet, the Republican controlled House of Representatives refused to vote to raise the minimum wage. Every Republican voted against Equal Pay for Women… Every. Single. Republican. Women obviously, in the Republican mind, should have few rights including “control of their bodies.”

Republicans voted against feeding needy children; against providing health care for everyone (while they have the best); against marrying someone who is loved; are against science, public education, Head Start; fight climate change, veteran’s pay and deserved benefits; separation of church and state; voting rights (non-voters may soon lose this “right” permanently) and more! Why do ordinary people keep them in office?

After over 50 years of Republican rule in Tennessee, most folks today are no better off than their grandparents in the '60s. Maybe it’s time to give Democrats a chance for the next 50 years.

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