All voters should pay attention to politics, today. Making snap decisions in the voting booth is often worse than voting out of “habit” election after election, for the same candidates with name recognition, for the same party, or even failing to vote at all! Being uninformed regarding political candidates and their intentions allows America to be lied into “complete” disasters (such as the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq).

“We the people” are constantly manipulated by most of candidates who want our vote. Finding those who sincerely want to represent us instead of those who are in “it” for themselves (and their financial backers) is difficult, but it must done. “They” all talk a good story, but when money and power are involved, voters beware! It is our responsibility to try to find the difference in candidates.

Today, most candidates from both parties are, in reality, often hired by corporations. In the past, these corporations were forced to share their profits with their employees, but not today. The working class, more than any other group, needs protection from many greedy employers who make billions in profits, yet keep wages so low that folks working 40 hours a week still qualify for government welfare subsidies. This is the result of electing and then “re-electing” candidates who represent their financial backers instead of the American man, woman and child of the working and taxpaying class. This needs to change.

Destroying unions that have historically protected workers was the goal of the Reagan Administration and that destruction continues today. What a shame that many workers vote for candidates that continue to vote against the working class. What a shame for voters to support candidates who openly plan to destroy Social Security and Medicare, the post office and even public education; candidates who admit they will try to destroy the Affordable Care Act that is providing health care for millions of American families. Many members of the working class (the 99%) vote for a candidate without knowing their voting record or what they stand for! Instead, they make a “snap decision” in the voting booth.

The parties generally have more influence on our politicians than individual voters do (unless they’re billionaires). One choice voters really have today is deciding which party has the best history of defending “We the People.” Today’s politicians are also often pawns of their party leaders who control re-election money. They no longer keep the pledges they made to uphold the U.S. Constitution for the people they are supposed to serve.

Politicians, especially to the House of Representatives, are almost impossible to remove once in office, whether or not they are doing their job. The last six years, Congress offered no positive plans and produced little beyond a political theater with thousands of “no” votes.

With today’s media, there is no excuse for uninformed voters to continue re-electing grandstanding deadbeats. Every voter can get information on candidates from television coverage of debates, internet sources, fact finding sources, magazine coverage, etc. Of course, consulting a single, biased source makes you a puppet, not an “informed” voter! So, do a little digging. Listen to many different “sides.” Become informed and then vote.

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