Some of us rarely worry (perhaps wisely) about anything beyond what the Bible says, what the Constitution promises and what the sports pages repeat. At the other end of the scale are scientists and scholars who uncover facts to solve problems. Scientists may understand many things, but their piles of numbers and reams of theories can’t explain everything about our lives.

Most of us live between those extremes. We putter in our own puddles as we try to make sense of the world. Nonetheless, how we view things (perspective) is important to how we live and whether our nation prospers.

The world population now exceeds seven billion. By 2050 our species could reach nine billion. At our present rate of individual consumption of food and materials, our world can’t feed and clothe nine billion souls. War and famine are poor solutions to overpopulation. It’s past time to stop wagging our fingers at science and dithering about God’s plan. Such thinking is better suited to the religious weirdness of Muslim terrorists.

But, that is only one example of our many real problems. Should we force our views on others, especially if our opinions call for less persuasion and more deadly force? If we are our indeed our brother’s keepers then how can the goal of accumulating millions of dollars be a talisman of family values? A Republican majority the House of Representatives worries more about their own wealth more than they worry about the poverty of their constituents who depend on food stamps and minimum wage jobs.

The people are more than a herd of cheap labor. Americans are a wellspring of potentially skilled workers hoping to find places on the new assembly lines of a changing world. There is much to be learned.

We are a nation of dreamers and diggers, of designers and welders, free to fret about the future or to worship the past. But it is possible to again become a nation united if we make ourselves worthy of being taken seriously. Our founders were builders. Today they would chop off the House of Representatives wing on Capitol Hill and build a wind farm in its place. They would make short work of miscreants whose idea of government is to blow smoke from the embers of our greatness into the faces of the people. How did we come to accept that it’s OK for our representatives to pretend to do the people’s business while taking money from lobbyists under the table?

We don’t need leaders who skulk and growl every time our president speaks. Veterans who risked it all for freedom should be embarrassed by fire and brimstone “patriots” who give sniveling aid and comfort to our enemies. Where is the wisdom in not supporting the president during times of international crisis?

America is one of many world neighborhoods always under construction. We can hope that all war will become obsolete, even if that idea is beyond the grasp of our current House of Representatives. Conservative critics keep reliving Benghazi and grousing about Ukraine. When they grow tired of trying to find those places on the globe they listen for war drums and hope it’s time to buy more AK-47s so they can send more young men and women off to teach foreigners in a far country a lesson or two about democracy.

Our own democracy first needs more attention. We are losing credibility as we simply pretend to practice what we preach.

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