It looks like Obama has changed himself into an ordinary hack politician (or else he always was one) like Chicago’s legendary Mayor Dick Daly, who helped steal the 1960 Presidential election for JFK and away from Richard Nixon. Nixon got even in 1968, of course, but that was only temporary. Although it took them almost six years, the red diaper babies who drank in Nixon hate with their mother’s milk finally destroyed him in the Watergate imbroglio of 1974. JFK’s plurality in 1960 was about 100,000, about 50,000 less than Algor’s 2000 margin, but Algor lost to the despised W. Bush when he was unable to steal Florida. Daly, on the other hand, was able to open the cemeteries of Cook County, Illinois, to provide JFK with enough votes to carry Illinois and thus to win in the Electoral College.

But the hack politician likely stole the 2012 Presidential election using methods more nakedly corrupt and flagrantly tyrannical than Dick Daly, who after all was just following old tried and true Democratic traditions dating back to the Founding. Obama discovered the IRS (which collects taxes and puts you in jail if you don’t pay. They can take your income, your property, and your freedom, so always file and always pay what you owe. They are probably the most powerful and most intimidating agency of the Federal Government).

Protected by an age-old tried and true presidential stratagem called plausible deniability, Obama discovered that IRS functionaries can do just about anything they want with impunity. His agents found that Obama’s most effective political enemies — Tea Party activists, pro-life workers, conservative political action groups, and even people seeking the legal tax relief available to those adopting children — could be severely handicapped when their tax exemption applications were delayed with detailed, exhaustive questionnaires, some even asking people what books they read and even if they prayed and to whom.

These IRS actions delayed fund raising for these groups until after the November 2012 elections. At the same time liberal groups with the same tax status were immediately approved. Had the IRS actions been even-handed no one could have accused Obama’s agents of political chicanery, but they weren’t. In this way the Romney campaign was denied the benefit of massive get-out-the-vote efforts of the kind that won Congress for the Republicans in 2010. Had the Tea Party and other groups been able to mount the same efforts in 2012, the outcome of the election would have been different and a President Romney would have been doing his own brand of political damage, which many of us prefer to the Democratic variety, even though neither party is anything to brag about. 

In the wake of Fast and Furious, the IRS revelations, Justice Department harassment of AP and Fox News reporters, and the Benghazi scandal, Obama’s operatives have adopted tactics used by children in the cartoon series, The Family Circus. In that cartoon whenever the children are caught in some mischief and asked to account for their actions, for example if something is missing or broken and their parents want to know who is responsible, they reply, “Ida No.” Experienced parents know that “Ida No” is a fiction. She doesn’t exist, but to Obama’s functionaries who testify before Congressional committees she is very much alive.

For example, asked about who signed off on Fast and Furious, Attorney General Eric Holder replied, “Ida No.” He added that Ida No had recused herself from the case.

When asked if they knew anything about the IRS investigating only conservative groups during the 2012 campaign season, IRS officials Douglas Shulman and Steven Miller answered, “Ida No.” Then we had the alliteratively identified Lois Lerner (who had learned little) who headed the section that investigated tax exemptions: she took the Fifth, but before that said, “I didn’t do nuthin’ wrong, I ain’t seen nuthin,’ and I ain’t sayin’ nuthin.’” She doesn’t know Ida No.

One of the charges against Richard Nixon listed in the articles of impeachment was misuse of the IRS.

During the Watergate brouhaha I occasionally saw this bumper sticker: “No one drowned in the Watergate,” a reference to Chappaquiddick, Mary Jo Kopechne’s 1969 drowning, and the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Unfortunately for loved ones and for the nation, Obama’s scandals have produced four deaths from the mishandling of Benghazi. 

So, Obama has lifted his disguise to reveal the real Obama. Do his star struck supporters recognize him?