Election fraud has been with us since George Washington's first election although not at today's levels. In my mind the simplest methods of  election fraud control would be to use paper ballots, voter picture ID and no nonsense Poll Watchers. Election fraud has many faces from a poll worker taking a voter into the booth and showing him/her "how to vote" to modern day rigging of the computerized machines with no paper trails.

Do not think for a moment that groups seeking to corrupt an election like the infamous ACORN have left the scene. The disgraced ACORN founder Wade Rathke — he covered up his brother's $1 million ACORN embezzlement for eight years — has simply renamed ACORN. The new name is Community Organizations International and it continues the work of Saul Alinsky, he the radical sixties terrorist, across the world.

As Josef Stalin once said, "It is not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes." Our progressive friends have taken him at his word. When Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines were first foisted on the public, the machines were thought to be a tax saving godsend. They were—for the criminals and the progressives. Not only is there no paper trail to verify the votes, but computers can be manipulated easily without leaving a trace. Why no paper trail you might ask? It is strictly political! Even gas pumps have a paper trail. Everyone has received a two copy receipt generated by paying a restaurant bill with a credit card. Does anyone think this bill is generated through "rocket science?  It is a simple system that can be melded to any DRE with little cost. The DRE can keep a running tape inside the DRE — the copy — and each voter can receive his/her original copy. Seems simple doesn't it? Ask your elected officials why they fight so hard to keep paper trails out of voting machines. You may receive some entertaining answers.

Another method to safeguard the vote is a simple picture ID. A picture ID would prevent anyone who is not legal to vote a chance to corrupt the system. The Founders originally only allowed property owners to vote much as the English system did. The reasoning is that if a voter owns property and is an achiever he will vote to protect his property whereas a non-property owner is prone to sell his vote to the highest bidder because he has nothing to protect. Every legal transaction in this country requires picture ID... ahh, except voting. Why is that you might ask? State governments have even offered to provide picture IDs free of charge, but progressives scream to the heavens that such a thing is unfair. Again, why is that? It seems to be a simple solution to voter fraud and isn't that exactly what is desired.

Apparently the ability to fraudulently vote is desired; there can be no other logical explanation. Remember, control is everything and progressives crave control. Illegals in this country would be forced to acquire a picture ID to vote and multiple fraudulent voting forms would be easily discredited.  Tyrants have long used the ritual of elections to give the façade of legitimacy to their governments; Chavez of Venezuela and Qaddafi of Libya come to mind.  Honest elections and avoiding fraud requires openly observed processes. While there is no perfect election American citizens must demand to come as close as possible to perfection. When institutions hide what they do it is reasonable to suspect fraud is taking place. Just ask ACORN... oooops, I mean Community Organizations International! 

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