The latest data shows about 58% of Cumberland County residents have responded to the 2020 Census. If you aren’t among this group, there is still time for you to fill out your response at 

Before Cumberland County can ensure it is getting proper representation for its residents, it needs to know how many of us there are. 

That’s not all Census data is used for, either. 

The information is important when our leaders try to bring new businesses and industry to our community. It’s vital when planning for future growth — like what areas need roads or schools or hospitals or where will be good areas for housing development. It also helps our emergency responders better protect the public’s safety. 

The federal government uses Census data to distribute more than $675 billion in federal funds each year, and that same data ensures we get our share of state taxes returned to our communities. That includes money for our school system, our law enforcement agencies and our transportation departments — among others.

It’s safe to respond to the Census. They don’t want your Social Security number. They don’t want your bank account number. The Census will never ask for money or donations. 

Federal law also requires that the Census bureau protect all personal information and keep it confidential — even from other government agencies. Your answers provide a count of residents and help provide statistical information, but it is not information that can be traced back to you. 

Who should be counted? Everyone living in your home. This includes babies and children of all ages who live in the home; children under age 18 who are away at boarding school; children placed in your home for foster care, emergency placement, or guardianship, or any youth experiencing homelessness staying with you temporarily; any other close or extended family members living in your home; and any people living in your home who are not related to you, such as roommates, friends or boarders. The goal is to count everyone once.

The easiest and fastest way to complete your Census is online at

If you would rather answer by phone, call 844-330-2020 to speak with a Census worker. 

If you received your Census questionnaire in the mail, you can fill it out and mail it back. 

 —Crossville Chronicle