What do you want to be when you grow up?

After learning that superhero and princess are not actually career paths, students must begin the hard job of deciding what they would like to do after they complete their education. About 500 students at our local high schools are currently working on this riddle. 

The first choice they must make is what to do after high school. Do they attend college and earn a degree? Do they join the military? Do they look to our local Tennessee College of Applied Technology and its workforce-focused programs? 

This week, Tennessee announced a new effort to promote apprenticeships. ApprenticeshipTN.com makes information easily accessible on more than 360 programs offered by industries and individual companies. Already more than 5,700 apprentices are taking part in career-specific education and training that will result in a recognized industry credential. They get paid while they learn, and their pay increases with their skills. At the end, they earn a recognized credential and, possibly, a full-time job. 

Apprentice programs range from accommodations and food services to educational services, information technology, public administration and utilities, though most are offered in construction and manufacturing industries. 

Hopefully, this new effort will provide yet another path to the future for our young people. A report from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development found we will need highly trained people in areas of health care, manufacturing, education, construction and more in the coming years.

Opportunity awaits. Start making your plan now for a career that interests you and supports your dreams.

—Crossville Chronicle

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