The Crossville Chronicle staff keeps busy covering local government meetings, attending court, covering community events and festivals, and organizing and publishing all the information that comes from the many contributors to these pages.

And while your local community newspaper offers a bevy of information about what’s happening in your hometown, it also offers an opportunity to share the thoughts and concerns of readers.

The Letters to the Editor section provides a chance for readers to share what they think about the latest actions of the city council, county commission or school board. Letters can praise the actions of someone who went above and beyond the call of duty or take officials to task for problems that need to be addressed. It’s an opportunity to talk about what matters to you and what you think should be done.

Letters can share varying points of view about topics from the local, state or national news of the day. 

The Crossville Chronicle welcomes letters from its readers. The staff of the Chronicle wants to fill the pages with a variety of voices from our community. 

Letters can be mailed — to 125 West Ave., Crossville, TN 38555 — or sent electronically to or through the submission form at

Our guidelines for Letters to the Editor requires letter writers to include their name — the Chronicle does not publish anonymous letters — and the community which the person resides, which will also be published.

We also ask for a phone number. It isn’t published but is used to verify letters to the editor and confirm that the person named is the person who submitted the opinion. 

Writers should be sure to address their stance with supporting information, but we want to ensure there is space for a variety of opinions and ask writers to limit their letters to 250 words.

The Chronicle also wants to foster a civil debate of issues of importance. Letters containing profanity, personal attacks or libelous statements about someone will not be considered. We reserve the right to edit for space, civility and accuracy. 

We want your original thoughts. Form letters or plagiarized material will not be published.

We reserve the right to edit letters for space, clarity, civility and accuracy, and we’ll send you the letter before it is published. 

Sometimes a writer may need a bit more space to address a topic. Longer opinion pieces may be considered for publication as a guest column. Writers may be contacted about providing a photo to accompany an accepted guest column.

Writers — write from your heart, support your position, use your own original thoughts and let your voice be heard.