If you spent your Thanksgiving holiday away from home, you may need to make use of some planes, trains and automobiles to get back to work on Monday morning.

Travel groups warn that you won’t be alone, no matter which method of transportation you choose. A record-setting 31.6 million people will be flying over the holiday, with 3.1 million passengers expected on U.S. airlines Sunday. Most people will be on the road. AAA says there will be about 49.3 million travelers driving to see friends and family. 

So many travelers can make for a stressful day. If you must travel on Sunday, keep these tips in mind:

By air

•Arrive at the airport early — don’t miss your flight because it took longer expected to get through the security checkpoint. The TSA agents cannot rush the security process so that you can make your flight. 

•Pack right — check TSA.gov for guidelines on what you can and can’t take in your carryon and consider checking your luggage to make it easier to get through the security checkpoint and easier to get to your gate.

By road

•Be ready — make sure you have a full tank of gas, and keep an eye on the gas gauge to avoid being stranded on empty. Bring water and snacks in case traffic extends your drive

•Drive safely — with so many people on the road, you must stay alert and obey traffic laws. Remember, you should not be using your phone except with hands-free devices. Be sure to wear your seatbelt.

•Slow down — obey all posted speed limits and consider the driving conditions. Inclement weather can make it necessary to slow down even more.  

Though it may be tempting, venting your frustrations — at the gate agent or the motorist in front of you — doesn’t really help the situation. Take a few deep breaths, find some good music on the radio, and continue on your way. 

—Crossville Chronicle

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