U.S. Census workers are on the ground in Cumberland County in preparation of the 2020 official head count.

Their preliminary work in verifying addresses is essential to our area in correctly obtaining the number of people who live here.

Your cooperation is encouraged. It's essential for our future.

It's easy to verify if the people knocking on your door are working for the Census Bureau — all official Census workers will have identification badges, laptops and shoulder bags emblazoned with the words “Census 2020.” 

Should you need further verification, call the Philadelphia Regional Office at 215-717-1800 or toll free at 1-800-262-4236. You can also search for Census Bureau staff at Census.gov.

All information provided to the Census Bureau is confidential and is used only for statistical purposes. It cannot be shared with law enforcement or immigration officials, including those on the federal level.

An accurate population count of our municipalities, counties and states tells our leaders where our tax dollars are most needed and best spent. 

Numbers obtained every decade from the Census are a reflection of our community. They help leaders determine where to build and/or improve roads and schools. They show which areas need more attention to health care and where youth, workers and the aging live.

They show planners and business leaders where the best bets are for employment and the centers of population most likely to purchase their goods and services.

They tell our legislative bodies if the people are represented accurately and dictate the redrawing of district maps should those numbers prove insufficient. 

In short, the Census has the power to create jobs, build schools and roads, cater to the needs of youths and elderly, dictate health care necessities and give us proper representation in our governments.

That is, if we cooperate.

We urge you to work fully with Census workers and, when forms are sent out next March, complete and return them as soon as possible. 

We're counting on you.

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