Friday’s surprise tornado hit without warning. But our county was able to avoid a possible tragedy because our teachers, bus drivers, school resource officers, fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency medical workers and others were alert and acted quickly.

In some ways, the timing of the storm Thursday afternoon could not have been worse. Students weren’t safe inside their school. They were on buses, ready to go home, or preparing for after-school activities on a spring afternoon.

As we hear more about how quickly the storm developed out of a sunny sky, we can only say thank you to all the people who worked to protect their precious passengers and look after those kids and the injured in the wake of the storm.

Thanks, too, to our emergency responders who headed toward the emergency. They worked long into the night, the next day and over the weekend to remove debris and make areas safe for the community. 

The clean up may take a little longer. We know there are residents who suffered severe damage to their homes that may need help. We know there are neighbors and others already stepping up to do what they can.

Emergencies and disasters often show us what this community is made of. Thursday confirms Cumberland County is made up of people who put others’ safety and wellbeing above their own, who are ready and willing to help at a moment’s notice.

Crossville Chronicle

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