It was a delight to see people peering into shop windows and walking along Main St. last weekend as the official Christmas shopping season kicked in.

We appreciate the interest in our businesses. Our holiday wish is for that interest to continue into and all throughout the new year.

Everyone’s a winner when we trade with our small businesses. An American Independent Business Alliance report indicates that, of every $100 spent locally, $68 is generated into the local economy. Those funds are a positive boost to the economy in job creation, lower taxes and increased donations to non-profit agencies.

It’s neighbors helping neighbors — and ourselves.

The convenience, personalized service and unique offerings from our Cumberland County businesses cannot be matched at metropolitan shopping malls and centers. Our hometown merchants have a vested interest in our community and in us. 

They are keenly aware that their business decisions affect more than their bottom line, because they, too are part of our community — their children go to our schools, they worship in our churches and, yes, they shop where we shop.

Our shops and restaurants give Crossville and Cumberland County a distinct edge in hospitality and customer service. It continues only if we contribute to it.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to shop locally. We’re worth the investment.

—Crossville Chronicle

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