Should you be looking for something to be grateful for this holiday season, we have just the thing.

We are blessed to live in a wonderful, caring community.

One need look no further than the experience of Gayle and Jim Ramsey. The couple, dining at LaCosta one night, became enchanted with another pair of diners and the caring and compassion they displayed. 

It so warmed their hearts that they paid for the couple's meal.

The server informed the recipients of the Ramseys' act of kindness when they went to pay their bill, and they reciprocated by picking up the tab for another party. So did that party. And the one afterward — with at least five acts of kindness displayed in that one dinner service alone. 

Gayle said she and Jim chose Crossville as their home 13 years ago because of its friendliness. We're glad they did, and we're thankful to live in a community where a mere act of gratitude has such a magnificent domino effect. 

Our Cumberland Plateau offers stunning views, spectacular natural resources and fabulous opportunities. But its people — the heart and soul of this place we call home — are the most beautiful of all.

And for that, we are eternally fortunate.

Crossville Chronicle