The Crossville Chronicle brought readers more than 200 local news stories, photos, announcements and items of interest over the three editions of the Crossville Chronicle last week. The stories ranged from coverage of our local court system, the startling statistics on suicide in our community and the wins and losses of our local sport teams. 

There were photos from local events, like our first responders helping educate youngsters on how to keep themselves and their families safe or the people enjoying a beautiful day at the Crossville Memorial Airport annual fly-in.

There were stories of what actions and discussions local governments have held on important issues like how to pay for the increased wages indicted by a compensation study or how to recruit more bus drivers to help get our kids to and from school safely.

You learned about events and activities taking place in Cumberland and surrounding counties.

And you read a variety of opinions on issues of local and national importance. 

The staff of this paper stays busy year-round in helping to keep you informed, just like newspapers across the nation. An August 2019 study by Duke University found local newspapers significantly outperform television, radio and online-only outlets in news production — both in overall story output and in stories that are original, local and address a critical information need. While local newspapers made up only 25% of the outlets examined in the study, those outlets produced about 50% of the original news stories. 

Getting those stories isn’t always easy or convenient. Often, your local newspaper staff is working well into the evening, foregoing dinner and fellowship with family and friends to cover a meeting and report on the actions of local government. They’re there when the jury returns with its verdict after days of testimony. 

As we celebrate National Newspaper Week through Oct. 12, the editorial staff of the Crossville Chronicle thanks you for your readership. We value your comments. We enjoy hearing from you. And we appreciate your ideas. 

—Crossville Chronicle

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