Kudos to the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency for expanding their MyRide Upper Cumberland program to Cumberland County.

The program operates like a volunteer ride share program, with drivers agreeing to take seniors from their homes to doctor appointments, shopping or to see a movie. Seniors pay a yearly fee and $2 each way for trips. They need to schedule in advance, but their driver will help them to the car, through the store and back home again, allowing seniors more control over where they go and when they go. 

Seniors living in rural counties face numerous challenges remaining independent. In a county like Cumberland, if you do not drive, you often sit at home. 

Often, seniors rely on their children to take them where they need to be. But we sometimes forget — not everyone in Cumberland County has family nearby to get them to and fro. And, even if seniors do have family in the area, those loved ones can’t always take off from work to take their senior to appointments. 

The ability to get up and go when you want to is a hallmark of independence. And giving that up is difficult. But age can make it dangerous for elderly drivers to stay on the road. 

Programs like MyRide help these seniors continue to get up and go when they need to and when they want to. 

The program needs volunteers willing to give as little as three hours a month to help transport these seniors, help them through the stores and deliver them home safe again. Anyone willing to give of their time to help our seniors, please contact the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency through www.myrideuctn.com.