Earlier this month, Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster and Crossville Mayor James Mayberry asked the community to show thanks and gratitude for the emergency responders and health care workers we depend on day-in and day-out.

This year has shown us just how vital all our frontline workers are to our every day lives, from the emergency medical workers of our EMS, and our law enforcement officers and fire fighters to the people working in every department of our local hospital, to the health care workers in our nursing homes and the folks who keep our shelves stocked at the stores. 

They are there for us all hours of the day should we need them. When our loved ones need help, they answer our call.

There is no doubt the past eight months have been challenging for everyone. But these first responders and front-line workers continue to show up and take care of business. They’ve done this despite their concerns about their own health and wellbeing, and the additional stress a global pandemic places on our healthcare workers, our first responders and our local retail establishments.

Show them your appreciation and gratitude for their service to our community. Offer them a kind word and a smile when you’re shopping. The hospital, law enforcement agencies, EMS and fire fighters might enjoy a note of thanks they can share with their staffs. 

We can also show our thanks by doing things to keep ourselves healthy and reduce the strain on their resources: cover your cough, wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer, avoid large gatherings and wear a mask. 

The COVID-19 health crisis is continuing, and the burden it puts on these important folks will continue in the coming months. They need our support today, tomorrow and many weeks from now.

Thank you — to all the people who help our community continue to serve the needs of our residents. We appreciate what you do.

—Crossville Chronicle 

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