Each year, Cumberland County welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests.

Whether here to visit family, taking advantage of a time share, exploring the great outdoors or simply making a quick stop on their road trip to somewhere else, these visitors help support our community.

The annual Economic Impact of Travel on Tennessee found tourists spent $127.8 million in our community last year, up 5.15% from 2017.

Those dollars support jobs in our community — more than 1,000 jobs to be precise. These individuals work in a variety of businesses that directly serve the tourism industry, like hotels, general retail, entertainment and recreation. The annual payroll for these jobs is just shy of $30 million of wages put into circulation in our community. 

Our local governments benefit from an infusion of $5.29 million — money they don’t have to go to residents to pay through a property tax increase or other tax. Across the state, tourism spending reduced the average household’s tax burden by $712. That’s more money in your pocket and ours. Those tax dollars help support our schools, our law enforcement and our local governments.

As we talk with people visiting our community, they often share how nice and welcoming people are, how beautiful the countryside is and how much they enjoy their time here.

Crossville and Cumberland County continues to be a destination for visitors, and those visitors help support our community. Next time you see an out-of-towner, offer them a smile and thank them for visiting.

Crossville Chronicle

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