We echo the comments of many of our readers who disagreed with a writer’s assertion that people moving to the community need to adopt a certain political thinking.

Cumberland County has long welcomed new residents who come from varied backgrounds and origins — and we are better and stronger because of them. 

Many of our residents came here looking for scenic beauty and quiet living where they could enjoy activities, make friends, and live a full life. They found all that and so much more in Cumberland County.

They found organizations working to help better the lives of the people of this community. They found clubs pitching in to offer scholarships and grants to support these local efforts. They found people excited to take on new challenges requiring time and hard work.

Many of our local volunteers are retirees who moved here “from somewhere else.” Our local hiking marathon — always a treat for everyone — helps get people across the county out and about on trails built by volunteers — many who came here “from somewhere else.”

Many of these new residents became involved in our schools. Some had retired teaching in other states and decided to teach a few more years in our school system. Many volunteers work with our students on reading and math, they help our school organizations, they mentor students. 

Who cares if they lived somewhere else for a while — they came to Tennessee as soon as they could. 

Cumberland County enjoys one of the lowest property tax rates in the state, thanks in part to many of our new neighbors who help keep our property values strong. These new residents spur jobs in construction, medical facilities, the service industry and more. 

With each new family who comes to Cumberland County, we gain something — even if it’s just a new person to wave to on our daily dog walks.

To the many “domestic immigrants” who found Cumberland County — we’re happy you’re here.

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