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This edition of the Crossville Chronicle includes allegations of ethics violations against two members of the Cumberland County Commission, lodged by their counterparts on the Cumberland County Board of Education.

A series of email exchanges between the Crossville Chronicle and the spokesperson for the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission has left us scratching our heads as we try to understand from where the state agency is coming.

It’s become a not-so-funny rendition of Groundhog Day. The state of Tennessee rolls out a new testing platform and it flops, leaving students, teachers, administrators, parents and taxpayers frustrated and angry.

The Crossville Chronicle staff keeps busy covering local government meetings, attending court, covering community events and festivals, and organizing and publishing all the information that comes from the many contributors to these pages.

Earlier this week, the budget committee of the Cumberland County Commission dipped into the county’s reserve funds and allocated about $250,000 to fund four additional School Resource Officers for our schools. 

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is asking the community to trust them. But trust is in short supply with the folks who live along Hwy. 127 or must travel it on a regular basis.


The Chronicle staff’s hearts are saddened and we join this family pet in showing respect and expressing our sorrow at the loss of a brave soldier in the fight against crime in Cumberland County. Condolences to Crossville Police Department Lt. Bart Riden in the loss of his partner, K-9 Cain, …

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Cumberland Countians, Tennesseans and this country were greeted by the horror of a cowardly and senseless attack on two institutions in our nation’s Capitol Wednesday morning — an attack on lawmakers and an attack on an American institution, a game called baseball.

It was no secret last week that the Cumberland Plateau was going to receive rain, possibly a lot of rain, but the volume of rain that fell in such a short period of time caught most of us off guard.

The call over the police radio sent emergency medical, county fire and law enforcement scrambling to the east lane rest area near Crab Orchard Tuesday evening. 

When the South went to the polls earlier this year, the Republican ballot showcased a field of candidates who offered a variety of conservative views. In this region, a give-them-what-they-want-to-hear political newcomer from New York instantly grabbed voters’ attention. 

The newspaper in the town where I grew up was called the Hector Mirror and I always thought “mirror” was a great word to incorporate into a paper’s name. 

An over-flow crowd filled the Crossville municipal building Friday afternoon and those who attended got a first-hand look at democracy in action. The Chronicle commends those who participated — both city council and citizens — for the display of civility and for being able to discuss issues …

Monday night, the Cumberland County Commission tabled action on an additional $459,200 in funding for the Cumberland County schools, saying it would allow the Cumberland County Board of Education an opportunity to “Get its act together.” But, with a tax rate and budget approved for the 2015-…

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