Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight. A case in point is the current media assessment of the war against terror and the progress, or lack thereof, in Iraq. It seems there are some among us who place a greater value upon ridiculing this president than upon defending our freedoms. In the face of an enemy that has been open and candid about destroying this greatest of all nations for more than two hundred years, some find that to be a small price to pay if it results in the humiliation of the current occupant of the Oval Office.

The tired, outdated rhetoric of the 1960s has been resurrected with the constant use of words such as "quagmire" and "civilian casualties." The "make love, not war" types are back in the streets, dragging their music, wardrobes and drugs with them. There has even been a movement to re-institute the draft because that just might be the missing piece to restoring the Vietnam puzzle. They are ignorant of the fact that the original draft was instituted in September 1940, fifteen months before Pearl Harbor was bombed. Ironically, that was about the same time that the FDR Administration formally declared America's neutrality in World War II. How was that for keen foresight and good timing?

In order for the revisionist movement to succeed, America must be defeated. There are those who wait, holding their breath, for that photo-op of our people being evacuated by helicopter from the roof of our embassy in Baghdad. If they have their way, that will be the legacy that will hound President George Bush to his grave. Sadly, for them, that isn't happening. The most reliable reports coming out of the places where the war is actually being fought are rather positive. The reports coming out of the coffee house and art galleries in Seattle, San Francisco, Manhattan and the District of Columbia disagree.

The latest "plain sight" hiding place is the floor of Congress with a proclamation which verifies the truth that Turkey really did commit genocide against the Armenian people. No one can reasonably quarrel with that truth. Actually, the genocide began nearly 30 years before World War I, and was never related to that war. And no one can claim that the timing of this proclamation is not detrimental to the war effort. Turkey is a nominal ally in this conflict, allowing us to move men and supplies through that country. But, Turkey is openly threatening to invade Kurdish Iraq. One need not be a genius to see what is really going on here. Offending Turkey is essential to America's defeat!

Alienating our Turkish "ally" will ensure a new conflict in Northern Iraq. Disrupting our supply lines will endanger our troops. A new front, initiated by a new antagonist, will act as a new recruiting tool for Jihadists. The "surge," that they know full well is currently working, will fail. The progress that we have made in the war on terror will be reversed. All that money and all those lives will have been spent in vain. Our homegrown defeatists will loudly proclaim that the president and his Neo-cons are to blame while their defeatist efforts are hiding in plain sight. Remember, you heard it here, first.

Robert Evans Burnette is a Crosville Chronicle correspondent whose column is published on Wednesday.

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