I heard a story about two boy ostriches chasing a girl ostrich. The girl ostrich ran around a corner, stopped and buried her head in the sand. The two boy ostriches rounded the corner, stopped, looked around and one said to the other, "Where did she go?" The moral to the story, and every good story should have a moral, is that you don't really have to bury your head in the sand in order to be blind to what should be obvious. Most of us do that at least once every day.

The other day, I was talking to a stranger, as is my annoying habit. I like to learn what goes on in the minds of people that I would never have the opportunity to meet in the normal course of events. We were both reading about the plethora of presidential candidates, and he asked me what I thought of the people who had thrown their hats, or their bonnets, into the ring. I said that I was not especially moved by any of them, on either side of the aisle. He offered his opinion that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had the nomination all sewed up. In his words, "She will be the next president."

I said that would be interesting, and pointed out that America was confronting a global enemy that was out to destroy our way of life and replace it with their own. I told him that those people blamed America for their own failures, blamed America for their uncontrollable hostility and blamed America for not permitting them to install their own form of religious dominance upon the entire world. He asked what that had to do with the subject at hand. I explained that those people wanted to impose their religious code of Shariah over western civilization. They were angry because we opposed Shariah. Then, they were inflamed over our insistence in separating church and state, which automatically eliminates any vestige of Shariah, which is a religious code of conduct and punishment.

He said, "So what." I said that they hated us because we require women to be educated, allow them to own property, grant them divorces and allow them to drive cars. i said that they consider us the personification of evil because we do not tolerate "honor killings," in which a father must have his teenage daughter murdered if she should even smile at a strange man. He said, "What does that have to do with the election?" I answered they believe that America is the "Great Satan" because we oppose wife beating, female genital mutilation and that we permit women to go out in public unescorted and with their faces and heads uncovered. These failings on our part are the source of their hatred of us and the justification for killing us.

Not only that, but the most radical among them view our irresponsible attitude toward women and women's rights as the basis for a global jihad against Infidel America. If we anger them enough, we will have many more 9/11's and many more terrorist attacks against America's citizens, our interests and our allies all over the world. The stranger said, "Maybe so, but what does that have to do with the subject we were talking about?"

I answered, "Well, think about it. If our approach to women's rights and privileges can invoke such unbridled hostility in them that they fell obligated to slaughter us, just how much more will they love us when we put a female in the Oval Office?"

Even before I turned the corner, I could sense he was asking himself, "Where did he go?"

Robert Evans Burnette is a Crossville Chronicle contributor. His column is published on Wednesdays. Opinions expressed in his columns are not necessarily those of the Crossville Chronicle publisher, editor or staff.

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