I'm about as far from being a Barry Bonds fan as Ted Kennedy is from being a conservative. It tickles me greatly when fans in opponents' stadiums boo and jeer him. Still, it's going a little overboard when those same fans throw things in his direction and use less than acceptable language when loudly addressing him.

He has done wrong and I think that he has seen the error of his ways. His lack of power this season, at least to date, seems to back up the theory that steroids do enhance homerun abilities.

I'm a big Jim Furyk fan on the golf course and I was rooting for him in last week's tournament. It was good though to see another of the "good guys" win when Aaron Baddeley scored the victory. It was especially fulfilling when the announcers mentioned that the young golfer had come out to a religious service that morning to give his Christian testimony. Nice guys can finish first and that makes me feel better about my chances in the upcoming "September Slaughter."

I've been playing a little and my game is shaping up. When I couple that with the fact that so many have offered their encouragement, I am only more determined to put forth the effort to quash the dreams of my antagonistic opponents and have them beg for mercy. I ran into my old buddy Paul Pennington the other day and he assured me that he was rooting for me. I must soon begin choosing the courses and the format. I only wish that some of the fine golfing venues here had stadium seating.

Once again the Lady Jets are showing their talents on the softball field. They are currently ranked sixth in the state. Coach David Terrebonne and his staff continue to do a great job. I haven't heard at which school he will be coaching next year.

On another high note, the county-wide elementary soccer team remains unbeaten at this time.

Jay Cutler continues to be touted as the best, yes I said best, quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft. People around here and on ESPN are having a hard time with the fact that a Vanderbilt Commodore can command such attention. Deal with it, you orange-bleeding fair weather fans.

I was reading about the biggest "busts" from previous drafts and Ryan Leaf and Heath Shuler seem to find their way to the top of everyone's list. I think that part of Shuler's problem can be traced to injuries but Leaf was just a flop and his attitude didn't endear him to many folks either.

Have you ever heard of anything as confusing as the Duke Lacrosse party situation? Both sides seem to have proof that their respective parties are in the right. Then, you know how members of the bar can skew the available information in so many directions that no one can be for sure about what the argumentative attorneys are saying. It's looking more and more like the situation is being used for political purposes and, like I predicted, the Reverend Jesse Jackson has become involved. Where there's media attention, there's Jackson.

Everybody have another great week. The NBA playoffs are beginning and before you know it, they'll still be going on. I know what I meant.


Jim Butler is a Chronicle correspondent, and his column appears each Friday.

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