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Police are searching for a man who was caught attempting to steal landscaping rock and then pulled a gun on the property owner, according to reports.

Lake Tansi Police and Security officers and Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies are investigating the incident that occurred Sunday around 4 p.m., according to Officer Quinn Freitag’s report.

The police responded to an address in the 8500 block of Cherokee Trail and met with a property owner who explained he saw an older male driving a newer model Chevrolet pickup stealing landscaping rock from his property. 

The resident confronted the man, who returned the rock to where it was taken, Freitag’s report reads. The man then brandished a handgun, cocked it and pointed it at the property owner.

The man then left the area. The victim was able to take a picture of the truck’s license plate and the vehicle is registered to a Sioux Rd. address.

When deputies traveled to Sioux Rd., they learned the address was not valid. 

No one was injured in the incident. Investigation is continuing.