A Cumberland County man found sitting in the lap of a second man, behind the wheel of a vehicle in the roadway, reportedly fought with deputies who tried to take him into custody Saturday night. 

Ricky Dewayne Young, 35, 823 Turner Rd., is charged with two counts of simple assault on a first responder, resisting arrest and public intoxication.

Deputies Jason Power and Leviticus Gilliam responded to the 800 block of Old Hwy. 28 in Linary around 9 p.m. on a citizen complaint of an unwanted man at a residence.

When the deputies arrived in the area, they found a Honda car stopped in the road with hazard lights on and a man sitting in the driver’s seat with a second man sitting in his lap.

Powers wrote in his report the the man sitting in the driver’s lap was under the influence of something. He did not acknowledge the presence of deputies and did not respond to questions from the officers.

Instead, the man whispered over his shoulder to the driver, asking him “what should I do.” At that point deputies realized the man, identified as Young, was holding a Swiss Army knife with the screwdriver attachment open.

After giving multiple orders to drop the knife, and with the driver of the vehicle also telling the man to drop the knife, deputies tried to take Young into custody.

The man allegedly lunged at the deputies at which time he was administered a shock with a stun weapon which only momentarily stopped the resistance.

The report continues that Young allegedly kicked both deputies and continued to fight with officers despite being stunned again. 

Deputy Joshua Alderman arrived on the scene and the three were able to take the suspect into custody. An ambulance was called to check out Young before he was transported to the jail.

The driver told deputies someone had dropped off the suspect at his home and left and that he was in the process of driving the man home when the passenger suddenly attempted to get into the driver’s seat. The witness said he stopped the car and removed the keys.

A homeowner who called authorities said he confronted a man in his carport and told him to leave. Deputies were called when the man approached the homeowner “in a threatening manner.”

The resident said the man was “incoherent.”

Young allegedly got into the car on top of the driver in an attempt to drive away which is about the time Deputies Gilliam and Powers arrived on the scene.

Bond for Young was set at $19,000 and he will appear in General Sessions Court.

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