The curtains were drawn and a hand-written note on a piece of yellow legal pad paper in the window read, "Office open at 9:30."

On a normal day the Cumberland County Election Commission office would open at 8 a.m. Thursday was a different day, though. It was the first day Suzanne Smith, former administrator of elections, was gone from the office which she occupied for more than 30 years.

The office was closed for a staff meeting Thursday morning — the first day newly appointed Administrator of Elections Sharon York occupied the office.

"I am honored to be appointed. I will work hard everyday to maintain the standard of the office and for the people of Cumberland County," York said.

York was appointed at the organizational meeting of the election commission Wednesday night among a crowd of outraged, emotional citizens, Republicans and Democrats.

Of the controversial appointment made and the crowd which was outraged the night before in the election commission office, York said, "I have no response. I have no reaction. I have no sensational news for you ... I am just going to do the job and serve the county and this community in a fair manner."

Staff members Patricia Jolley, Dot Hensley and Jill Davis were all in the office Thursday morning, but it was not business as usual.

"We have our jobs, but we were instructed not to talk with the press. Any press from this office must come from Sharon," Jill Davis said.

The others concurred and would make no statements.

York later said that any questions from the press should be answered by her and that it is not in their job descriptions to answer to the press.

"We had a meeting this morning and we laid it all out. These girls run the office and I intend to fully support them and keep them. I have every intention of supporting them. I have a lot of respect for them and they know what they are doing. I want them to stay and I want them to feel comfortable. I don't want them to work under a lot of stress," York said. "I intend to work for the people of Cumberland County and make this my main focus on a fair and impartial office."

York resigned her 5th District County Commission seat Wednesday evening and said she will leave her position managing two Exxon fuel stations and convenience markets.

"This office will be my primary focus and I will bring to it the same commitment and high standards I brought to my years of service on the county commission ... I'm pleased to serve Cumberland County," York said.