The Cumberland County Board of Education has set its committees for the coming year. 

“I have tried to make these committees as fair as possible,” Jim Inman, 1st District chairman, said during a special-called meeting Sept. 30. “I tried to put everybody on just three committees, and that’s it.”

In the past, the board chairman didn’t sit on board committees, Inman said. But that would require members to work on four or more committees, he said. 

Inman proposed a few changes to his assignments during the meeting, replacing Teresa Boston, 8th District representative, with himself. He also replaced Shirley Parris, 3rd District representative, with Boston on the safety committee. 

The committee assignments are:

•Policy Committee: Tony Brock, 5th District representative; Chris King, 6th District representative; Rebecca Hamby, 7th District representative

•Building and Grounds Committee: Robert Safdie, 2nd District representative; Inman; Parris

•Budget Committee: King, Boston and Stace Karge, 9th District representative

•Contract Committee: Karge, Boston, Safdie and Hamby

•Athletic Committee: Brock, Safdie and Anita Hale, 4th District representative

•Salary Study Committee: Brock, King and Inman

•Director of Schools Evaluation Committee: Karge, Inman and Hale

•Safety Committee: Hamby, Hale and Boston

•Sick Bank Committee: Brock and Inman

The policy and building and grounds committees meet monthly. The budget committee meets several times during the year, particularly from January to May as the school system develops its budget. Other committees meet as the need arises.

Safdie moved to approve the assignments, supported by Karge. The motion passed with an 8-1 vote, with Boston opposed.