A Crossville woman whom authorities said was being disruptive at the emergency room in Cumberland Medical Center earlier this month has been arrested and charged with felony assault on a first responder for spitting in the eye of a police officer.

The incident occurred Oct. 1 when Crossville Police Sgt. John Karlsven was called to CMC to assist hospital security and personnel in assisting with a disorderly patient. The patient, according to the report, has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

The report states that when Karlsven arrived at the emergency room, he was told the patient, identified as Lindsay Christine Winkle, 33, 153 Obed St., was in a holding room for evaluation and had broken a door.

It is alleged Winkle resisted efforts by staff to be moved to another holding room and when Karlsven attempted to assist staff, the woman resisted his efforts. The woman was finally forced into another room and hospital staff attempted to hold the woman down to administer a shot that would calm the patient.

The woman resisted efforts to be given the shot and had to be held down by the officer, security and CMC staff. During this time, according to Karlsven’s report, the woman attempted to bite the officer.

After the shot was administered, everyone left the room, leaving the officer the last one to leave. When the woman was released, but before Karlsven could exit with the others, the woman spit in the officer’s face with saliva entering his eye.

It was then the officer was told of Winkle’s positive test for Hepatitis C. The officer was then treated in the emergency room for his potential exposure.

Warrant was signed for felony aggravated assault on a first responder and Winkle was jailed on the charge on Oct. 6.

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