A Crossville woman liked it when a stranger she met on social media told her he wanted to be her “Sugardaddy.” She didn’t think too much about it when he asked her to set up a Block Chain account, and later instructed her to transfer money into the account.

She didn’t find it odd that he asked her to transfer money to his business partner and his cousin. But, when she was asked to send him $3,000 because his chickens were dying, the woman believed he had crossed the line and became suspicious.

By that time, she had lost $6,000 in funds she had willing sent to the “Sugardaddy” and her bank account is overdrawn by $5,371.

The Centertowne Dr. 25-year-old filed a police report on July 25. It is not clear on whether she will recover any of her money.

Det. Kevin Wood wrote in his report the scam victim told him she met a man online at the beginning of July. He identified himself as Myles John. The online suitor wanted to be her Sugardaddy and asked she open an account so he could deposit money into it and “spoil her.”

The woman opened the account and then was told to give John the account and routing numbers and to add him to the account, which she did. On July 5, John asked the woman to transfer $4,000 into the account and then take the money and transfer it to his business partner. She did.

After that transaction, the victim was instructed to send $1,000 to his cousin, which she did on July 9.

On the following day, the victim was contacted by John and asked to send him “$3,000 because his chickens were dying.” She said no.

On July 11, the victim received her bank statement showing it to be overdrawn by $5,371. Wood wrote in his report that the victim said she does not know how John got access to her bank account.

Crossville Police have not been able to identify the person in the scam who goes by the name of Myles John.

And the victim is out thousands of dollars and her Sugardaddy.

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