A Murfreesboro woman told police she was approached for sex by a man in the parking lot of a local fast food restaurant Aug. 26, but the man finally gave up on his advances and left the area.

The woman did not report the incident until Sept. 3, and there was no explanation from her as to why she delayed in reporting the encounter. The delay left police with little they could do.

Crossville Police Ptl. Courtney White reported that while she was at Walmart off N. Main St. on Sept. 3, a woman approached her and said while in the parking lot at McDonald’s, an older man with a beard and short hair approached her.

The man tried talking to her, but the encounter left her uncomfortable. She tried to walk away and the man grabbed her arm, the woman claimed, and told her he would pay her for sex. She got into her car, and the man attempted to follow her. He finally left, walking away from the restaurant.

The woman told White that on the day she reported the incident, she saw the same man back at McDonald’s. Police did not find the suspect.

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