An 18-year-old Crossville woman is charged with ransacking a school office while others in the building were attending graduation ceremonies for an eighth-grade elementary school class.

Sydney Caroline Hughes, 18, 64 Bob White Dr., is charged with one count of felony vandalism in connection with the incident that occurred May 24 at Stone Elementary School off Cook Rd.

Stone Principal Justin Whittenbarger contacted School Resource Officer Ted Monday after he discovered his office had been ransacked during graduation program.

Desk drawers had been opened and contents removed and tossed about and milked poured on the items. A milk jug was found left in a drawer and a blue and white plastic bag with BELK written on it left in a garbage can.

School officials reviewed a surveillance tape and observed a male enter the main hallway, go to a locked south entrance door, open it and let a woman into the building. The female was carrying a white and plastic bag with BELK written on the side.

The woman was identified by school officials as Hughes. The male was identified as a brother.

The male then returned to the graduation ceremony while the female is seen on video entering a conference room door that leads to all administrative offices. A short time later the female exists the office area minus the white and blue bag. She exits the building without going to the graduation program.

The brother told authorities he was asked to open the locked door so a “prank” could be played on the principal, but did not know what the prank involved.

The adult teen along with family members and an attorney met with the SRO at the Justice Center at which time she was charged and placed under $3,000 bond. An appearance in General Sessions Court will be held at a later date.

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