A man who was in a Pleasant Hill cafe watched in amazement as someone entered his vehicle and took off. The vehicle owner and a friend pursued the thief and were able to help Cumberland County sheriff's deputies recover his vehicle, but not before items were stolen and the culprit escaped.

The incident happened on Christmas Eve at Linda's Coffee Shop on E. Main St. in Pleasant Hill, according to Deputy Zach Gilpin's report. One man was taken into custody and later released and police are searching for two suspects they believed are involved.

David "Nick" Warner of POW Camp Rd. was in the cafe when he noticed his 1994 Jeep Cherokee missing. He and a friend pursued the thief to W. Lake Rd. where the fleeing thief suddenly drove off the road, through a fence and into a field, according to Gilpin's report.

Cpl. David Bowman and Deputies Jeff Fitzgerald and Dustin Jackson converged on the area and located the Jeep and returned it to its owner. Missing from the vehicle is a county fire department issued portable radio and a handgun.

About that time a suspect was spotted walking along Hwy. 70 W and was taken into custody, questioned by investigators and later released. Investigation is continuing.

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