Details are sketchy but what is known is that two men suffered gunshot wounds to the legs following a shooting that occurred around 6 tonight at the dead-end of Wilbanks Rd.
Wilbanks Rd. is located off Eureka Dr. and off Hwy. 70 N. and north of the Crossville stockbarn.
The two victims — believed to be in their mid-30’s — were rushed by ambulance to the emergency room at Cumberland Medical Center. Medical helicopters could not fly because of weather conditions and about an hour later, both men were transported by ground ambulance to The University of Tennessee trauma center.
Initial reports at the scene indicated the two suffering gunshot wounds were not from the Crossville area.
The shooting scene was taped off by sheriff’s investigators. A vehicle with driver’s door open was seen in a gravel turn around area and yellow evidence markers indicated where shell casings and/or evidence were found. Sheriff’s investigators are still at the scene.
As many as half a dozen witnesses were separated and transported to the Justice Center for questioning. One 17-year-old female who was present when the incident took place was taken to the county juvenile facility.
Sheriff’s Casey Cox said at the scene that a person believed to be the shooter was taken into custody and is also being held for questioning at the Justice Center. 
Investigators are busy taking statements, sorting out details and will consult with the District Attorney’s Office about what charges should be filed once the preliminary investigation is completed.
At this time, motive and reason the motorists were on the dead-end road is not known.

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