Two Cumberland County men involved in what may have been a domestic situation were flown to regional trauma centers after gunshots were fired and both suffered injuries.
Because this incident is in the early stages of the investigation, no official statement or press release has been made by the sheriff’s office.
What is known is that between 4:30 and 5 a.m. today, deputies were called to a residence in Ashmore Estate subdivision located off what is known locally as Rinnie stretch section of Hwy. 127 N. The report stated a man was smashing his pickup truck into a vehicle parked at the residence.
Around 5 a.m. it was reported that two men had been shot and available sheriff’s deputies were all dispatched to the scene, along with two ambulances. Later they were joined under mutual aid by Crossville Police.
After the two wounded men were located, helicopters were called to fly the wounded to area hospitals. One of the men reportedly suffered a serious head injury and is believed to be in grave condition, The second man suffered a serious wound to the shoulder and possibly the hand,
Crossville Fire Department assisted Cumberland County Fire Department in establishing to landing zones near the Rinnie Fire Station.
The condition of the two injured is not known at this time, nor the cause of the incident. Additional information will be published when it becomes available.

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