A Cumberland County man has told authorities that a letter addressed to his father and left in his mailbox demanded cash and threatened retribution if the money is not paid.

The man told Deputy Cpl. Lucas Turner that he found a letter addressed to his father stating, “Debt has come due,” when checking his father’s mailbox. The letter instructed the victim to leave $800 in the mailbox after mail had been delivered on Aug. 22 or suffer the consequences.

The letter read in part, “You are receiving this note because your debt has come due. If you don’t pay the debt, you life as you know it will change … If you don’t pay, on Sunday I will put fliers on everyone’s car at church and send pictures of your son …”

The letter continues to make threats to embarrass the victim in the community and makes a reference to a high-profile case in the community.

Investigation is continuing.

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