We are going to see high temperatures near 90 degrees just about every day this week in Cumberland County. 

September can bring heat that can pretty much rival anything August can throw at us. We have hit 99 degrees several times in the last 50 years, and on Sept. 6,  1925, the Experiment Station on Hwy. 70 N. recorded 103 degrees! 

I do have some good news If you're getting sick of the hot weather: I expect a gradual cooling trend from Sept. 14-22, with highs mostly 80-85 degrees. I also expect our chances for thunderstorms will also increase during this time. 

Remember, I told you September is normally one of our driest months unless we get a tropical system. We have just gone through a two-week dry spell that is turning the grass brown and crispy.

Saturday night is the full moon and this one is the Harvest Moon. Its name comes from the extra light it gives farmers to harvest their crops. The name was given back in the day before electricity was available.

I hope you had a chance to see the moon and Jupiter close together in the evening sky this past week. It can be a lot of fun to look at the night sky. I even saw a meteor this week. There are some lovely sights to see, which is why I like to keep you updated on the night sky.

Fourth-grade students from Homestead and Crab Orchard will be visiting my weather office this week. Last Tuesday, Pleasant Hill paid a visit.

If you have a weather question, need weather data or assistance with homework that involves weather, drop me an email to weather1@charter.net

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