It may be spring but it is going to feel like summer before the week is out as we get the highest temperatures in our area so far this year. From the middle of the week through the weekend it is looking mostly sunny and dry and the temperatures soaring through the 80s.

A few places could hit 90 degrees by the weekend. The remainder of the month is looking very warm but there is a chance of storms picking up over the next week or two.

The first half of May saw temperatures well below normal but the opposite is in store for the remainder of the month and entomologists tell us that with the warmer weather cicadas will be coming out of the ground later in the month. 

Their arrival has been delayed by the cool temperatures as they take about three days with ground temperatures of 64 degrees before they emerge. 

It continues to look like the county is headed toward a much hotter and drier weather pattern for the summer. A large dome of high pressure is expected to set up shop over the southeastern United States, possibly as close as Chattanooga. 

That would allow temperatures to soar into the 90s and block off much of the moisture from the Gulf. 

An active hurricane season is anticipated and the path they take could have an affect on the Plateau so I will keep you posted. 

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