After a three-week run of hot and dry weather, the pattern has completely flipped. 

It tends to do that rather often, and wetter and cooler has been the trend of the past week. I don't see any more real hot weather for at least another week. 

A big high pressure had been located over the Southeast and was blocking any weather systems from moving into Tennessee. The high broke down, and now cold fronts are just dropping in like uninvited guests. 

By Thursday, the temperature will struggle to get above 70 on the Plateau, and low temperatures may drop to 49 degrees. 

We will continue to have a chance of scattered showers every two or three days, but at least it will be partly cloudy and pleasant between days with showers. From June 5-9 we picked up 2 inches of much-needed rain in Crossville. 

I was going to talk about the summer ahead. But one computer model is indicating a cool summer for us while another predicting a hot summer. I guess you just can't trust a model!

I am going to stick to taking it one to two weeks at a time, which is accurate and I trust, even though it takes the excitement away from knowing what's going to happen three months down the road.

There are things of interest in the evening sky. After sundown, the moon is high in the southern sky. It is waxing and will be full next Monday. 

Also notice Mars low in the western sky and Jupiter rising to the southeast. By midnight, the moon is in the southwestern sky, with Saturn and and bright Jupiter to the southeast. 

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