Students will have a little longer to prepare for their state-wide assessment tests this next spring after the Tennessee Board of Education extended the dates school systems can administer Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) tests.

TCAP testing had been scheduled for March 25 through April 1 in Cumberland County. After asking principals to poll their teachers, Director of Schools Aarona VanWinkle recommended the Cumberland County Board of Education adjust the school calendar and schedule TCAP tests for April 16-April 23, beginning the week after spring break, scheduled for April 2-9.

Dan Schlafer, 9th District representative, moved to approve, supported by Brian Houston, 1st District representative. The motion was approved with Victor Randolph, 6th District representative, voting no, and 7th District Representative Mary Smith absent.

In other action, the board approved the annual planning calendar and 12-month agenda. The two documents detail activities of the Board of Education and school administrators and outlines long-range plans and objectives.

Also approved were the long-term maintenance plan and facilities and maintenance plan. The long-term maintenance plan is used by the maintenance department to evaluate capital projects for school maintenance. VanWinkle noted that just because a project was listed on the plan for a certain year, if an evaluation found repairs weren't needed at that time, then maintenance would continue to monitor the project.

The 2009-2010 maintenance plan provides an overview of capital maintenance projects planned or under way in the school system, including renovation of Cumberland County High School, which would include construction of an auditorium. According to the plan, that project is currently at architect selection, but planning and design have not taken place.

The board also approved naming Bruce Simmons, supervisor of curriculum and instruction for grades K-6, as the system's testing coordinator for the coming year.

Phoenix School Principal Rocco Zazzaro was also authorized to enlist Scott Hull, Lisa Phillips, Simmons, Chris King, Keena Inman, Tammy Lane and Bobbie Parker as members of the disciplinary hearing authority for the 2009-2010 school year.

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