A man who drove recklessly into a closed business’ parking lot in the dark early hours Tuesday morning in a vehicle with no license plates was found to be a fugitive from Georgia and a suspect in a series of burglary and theft cases. The female with the suspect was charged locally with lying to police.

Taken into custody shortly before 4:30 a.m. in the former Ford dealership parking lot on N. Main St. was Jared Allen Bell, 22, believed to be from Walker County, GA, and Destanie Hope Cook, 21, Lafayette, GA, according to Mptl. Chrystal Massey’s report.

Bell and Cook were charged locally with criminal impersonation after both lied about who they were. In addition, Bell was held for Georgia authorities from Lafayette, GA, on a charge of taking stolen property across state lines.

Walker County (GA.) Sheriff’s Office also reported to Crossville Police that Bell is a suspect in a series of burglary and catalytic converter thefts in that county, according to Massey’s report.

Massey and Lt. Dustin Lester on Dec. 8 observed a 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche turn suddenly into the dealership rear parking lot, make a circle through the lot and then pull out of the lot at a high rate of speed to the McDonald’s parking lot. The pickup nor trailer had a license plate.

The driver was quickly stopped and the male and female occupants both told police they did not have personal identification with them. Names were provided but physical descriptions did not match the occupants of the pickup, the report continues.

THP Trooper Jake Bramer was called to the scene and assisted in identifying the suspects. The resulting investigation led to contact of the driver's grandmother and contact with Walker County sheriff’s investigators.

Once identified, Walker County detectives came to Crossville and took control of items found inside the pickup. Those items included a $100 counterfeit bill, lock pick kit, three cell phones and a Georgia license plate.

The pair were placed under $750 bond on the criminal impersonation charges and extradition for Bell was begun to return to Georgia to face the theft charge there.

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