A Cumberland County man who worked hard changing his lifestyle was recognized for his change when he got a chance of serving a felony sentence on probation and then having the charge removed from his record.

Avery Lee Conley III, 22, and a co-defendant, Makeanna Annalise Miller, were charged in connection with the burglary of the Walker home and theft of jewelry, firearms, sound system and guitar on Nov 4, 2018.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Investigators David Hamby and Robert “Bo” Kollros were assigned to the burglary investigation and soon identified the pair as suspects. Several of the stolen items were recovered. Conley confessed to his role in the incident.

Since that time, according to Assistant District Attorney Amanda Worley, Conley has “changed his lifestyle,” turning his life around. Worley added that the victims in the case were in agreement with the plea being entered.

Conley pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated burglary and received a three-year suspended sentence to be served on supervised probation. He is to pay $750 restitution and is banned from contact with the victim.

Conley also qualified for judicial diversion and if he meets all requirements of probation, does not get into trouble and pays restitution in a timely manner, he will be eligible to petition the court to his the charge removed from the record.

Criminal Court Judge Wesley Bray accepted the resolution to the case and noted, “You have done well changing your life.” The judge added he hopes Conley has continued success in moving forward and getting this case behind him.

Miller, 19, pleaded guilty in May to attempted aggravated burglary and also received a three-year suspended sentence to be served on supervised probation.

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