Two men representing the property owners association of the Cumberland Lakes subdivision, located in Cumberland County near the Putnam County line, were turned away for the second time in their effort to reduce the speed limit on the main road into the development.

Representing Cumberland Lakes POA before the commission was Gary Carty who delivered a petition asking that the speed limit be lowered from 55 mph to 35 mph on Cumberland Lakes Dr. on the five-mile stretch or road that passes through the development.

The stretch of road involved would run from Hwy. 62 to Divide Trail and affects adjacent property of eight or nine houses. The POA offered to pay for the new signs in their subdivision.

The issue was presented to the county commission’s Environmental Committee in October and action was tabled for one month because no members of the community were present to discuss the request. The speed limit change at that time was presented by Commissioner Jerry Cooper on their behalf.

Last week, Carty and a second POA official appeared before the committee with a petition that bore the names of seven of eight home owners inside Cumberland Lakes who favored the speed reduction.

Carty told committee members speeding vehicles cause children and older residents who enjoy walking with the dogs or for exercise, bicyclists and runners to “have to scatter.”

Commissioner Rebecca Stone asked if property and home owners along the entire five mile length of the road had been canvassed and she was told this had not taken place.

Carty said since the only change in speed limit being proposed was inside the POA jurisdiction and those property owners were the only persons contacted.

To include the entire road would add ten to 12 households from Divide Trail to Jim Garrett Rd. Some of the property owners live out of state and it would be hard to get them to attend a committee meeting, Carty said.

“If the road supervisor and the sheriff have no problem with it, I see no problem,” said Commission member John Patterson. He made a motion to recommend the change to the full commission.

However, Carty was told a list of conditions that must be met, posted on the county’s website, requires all property owners affected to be in agreement. The regulations for changing speed limits on county roads was passed in December 2019.

The requirement that all property owners attend the committee meeting might not be attainable, Carty said. “With the pandemic, with some 80 years old or older and some on walkers, they may not want to appear.”

The request was tabled until December to give committee members time to look at requirements and see if there should be some adjustments and to allow the POA time to contact all property owners and residents on Cumberland Lake Dr.


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