It is rather common for the weather to go from one extreme to the other — and that is exactly what we are seeing. 

After the very dry weather of September and the first half of October, we have seen a complete reversal, with Crossville receiving 4 1/2 inches of rain in the last two weeks and another 2-4 inches expected mid-week. 

Yes another major rain system is moving across Tennessee Wednesday and Thursday, and rainfall totals could be similar to the system we saw last Saturday. Three-inch totals were common Friday and Saturday across Cumberland County, with a few spots hitting near 4 inches on the Plateau. 

The rain was caused by a cold front combined with the remains of Tropical Storm Olga. which came out of the Gulf and brought copious amounts of tropical moisture. A Southeast wind gusted to 35 mph Saturday afternoon, blowing down trees on power lines in some areas, and we all know about the big power outage.

Halloween is looking like a washout, with temperatures dropping into the 30s late Thursday night and struggling to get out of the 40s for the high on Friday. 

We will likely drop into the upper 20s for Friday night and Saturday night. It is very possible that early Friday morning with the cold air and the moisture combined, some folks might see their first snowflake of the season, just a possibility. 

Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour Saturday night before you go to bed, as daylight saving time ends and we go back on standard time. 

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